RADAMO PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS TAKEME DOWNTHE RATTLER Words by JAY HEFFRON On the couch, halfway through a hangover and Pawn Stars marathon, the front door flung open and there stood Rooster.The Catahoulas didn’t even have time to bark before he breached the threshold and poked his wiry shadow into the living room. Behind him, a rectangle of silver light poured onto his shoulders from the doorway, trying its best to cast him in full silhouette. Despite the crisp edges and fuzzy details, my bloodshot eyes could still make out the trouble on his face and trademark Winston balancing on his bottom lip, a snake of gray smoke corkscrewing from tip to ceiling. Ten years his best friend, occasional accomplice, first phone call, and not once had Rooster ever knocked when he showed up at the house. He claimed a proper entrance deserved an element of grandeur, and that’s how come the surprises. As if I, and the rest of his friends, were that stupid.Anyone with a quarter brain and working memory knew his unplanned visits had more to do with keeping his movements a mystery, since any prior warning would leave him susceptible to tracking by law enforcement.